Eightyville: The Sneaker Collectors Choice

Eightyville came to us becuase they needed to grow their business and create an easier to use platform for their users to sell and trade their sneakers online. Originally they were simply utilizing a blogspot to post all of their sneakers online for the masses to buy.

The problem was that there were too many posts that were having to go up and they did not want to continue to upload all of the sneakers themeselves. This business idea that they started, although a good profitable idea, was eating away more time than they were ever intending to spend.


We designed and developed a website, similar to craigslist except for only sneakers... and a lot more visually attractive. This gave the users an opportunity to go in and create their own accounts. This also took off a lot of the burden of having to manually post all of the listings themeselves and allowing the users to go in and upload sneakers of their own.

This reduced the amount of time for management and also created a word of mouth explosion among the community of "sneakerheads."

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