I am Harry Chisholm

What I'm all about.

Design has always been a pasion of mine. My desire to bring my passion to the web sprang up in my late highschool years. After recently finishing up my bachelors degree at The Art Institute of Houston, I plan on continuing to grow and expand my small business in design. We are what I consider to be a "boutiqe" design agency. Meaning we are more concerned with the quality of the client rather than designing for the masses.

The name of our small business is Creatif. We are not only big on helping business develop a stronger brand online but also educating our clients through quarterly consulting sessions where we sit down with the business owner(s) and/or their staff to help them stay up to date with the latest online marketing strategies that they can use to engage their clients online.

I always enjoy working together with talented people who can bring value to my clients. Long term, strategic partnerships is what I am looking for. Feel free to contact me if you can see a fit.

HTML5 and CSS3 or bust

I believe that web pages that are designed should be done with the latest in web standards. By using coding languages like HTML5 and CSS3, I can give my clients peace of mind knowing that they wont have to make expensive updates in the future. It also doesn't hurt that it keeps the site "lightweight" and SEO friendly.



My objective is to seek out a sales position that offers uncapped income potential and commissioned based earnings in the internet marketing industry.


Bachleors of Science, Interactive Media & Web Design


  • -web design
  • -internet marketing
  • -SEO
  • -HTML
  • -CSS
  • -Dreamweaver
  • -Photoshop
  • -Sales
  • -Account Handling
  • -Strong Interpersonal Skills
  • -Time-Management

References available upon request.


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