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Internet Marketing Strategies

Inbound marketing is the latest trend that we use. What exactly is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a new and more powerful way to market businesses and brands. It uses a 'pull' approach to attract potential customers, when they are actively searching for products and services- instead of the traditional marketing 'push' approach of selling to people when they may not be ready to buy or may not want what is being sold.

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UI Development

There are several basic components that every website absolutely needs. Just to give an idea, these components will revolve around setting a good first impression, mainting consistency, using clear language that the target market will understand, and elements that will create conversions.

Many times, existing websites may be cleverly designed, but lack the right calls to action, or landing pages. Or sometimes vice versa, or even BOTH! My initial approach when consulting with a client will be purley educational. I will inform on what areas they can improve upon and what steps need to be taken to get it done.


Even the best designers need a clear project charter. Many ameture web designers may thing that slapping together a pretty design and coding it will keep the client satisfied. But there is extensive research that needs to be considered before the project kicks off, such as a needs analysis, keyword research, setting up a clear project charter, and more.


Development happens after all the details have been planned and contingencies have been taken into consideration. This phase should simply be plug and chug if the planning has been clearly laid out and agreed upon. Although this is usually the most time consusming phase of the project, it will be most satisfying when the client sees all the planning previously done, come to life!


After all is completed, it's time to analyze and go over lessons learned. Taking the time to learn from previous experiences will become priceless to the developer who believes in self imporovement. In my opinion, these nuggets of experience are worth more than the site itself, because now you can repeat the cylce again, but this time on a more experienced level!

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